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    6 Reasons to Install or Upgrade to the HIKE IT X9 Pedal Controller

    Gain Instant Throttle Response
    Improved Fuel Economy in Eco/4X4 Mode
    Performance from a Market Leader
    Lifetime Product Warranty
    Unbeatable Chip Quality And Technology
    Simple Do-It-Yourself Installation

    Optimisation isn’t just plain old optimisation

    How the HIKE IT X9 Stacks up against the Competition

    The most widely used doesn’t always mean the best. Which is true in the instance of throttle controllers. When selecting a throttle controller it’s important that performance and reliability are put ahead of brand name.

    “ The HIKE IT transformed my Ranger and was the best $250 I ever spent on the car. I highly recommend the HIKE IT for anyone looking to give their car a boost without throwing away heaps on a chip. ”

    - Greg, Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

    “ I had the opportunity to try the HIKE IT throttle controller & couldn't believe the difference it made to my car. As the one I tried was a demo one I have taken it back out & can't wait to get one put in permanently ”

    - Rod, Lake Cathie, NSW, Australia

    “ After being disappointed with my Coast to Coast pedal box I thought I would give this unit a try for our 2015 Isuzu Mu-x. What a difference it made to its driveability. Has setting for auto or manual gearbox which for me made the auto gear changes much smoother. ”

    - Paul, Rowville, VIC, Australia

    “ WOW. My Ranger improved so much with DPCHIP I didn't think it could get much better.Greg and Matt set up the demo unit for me to try.Having tried all different combinations fort mode 1-2 as that was a nicer response and pulled off from a standing start so much better. ”

    - John Lee, North Coast, NSW, Australia

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