HIKE IT has just re-invented the Throttle Controller.

Introducing a controller you’ll want to upgrade to! The HIKE IT XS

The HIKE IT XS draws on features and user feedback of the X9 to bring you the most advanced controller on the market and designed BETTER to specifically "wake up" your car by reducing throttle lag and improving the response time from your vehicle's "fly by wire" accelerator. Best of all, the XS is Plug & Play!

What is the HIKE IT XS?

In addition to the amazing features on HIKE IT’s XS, you’ll get an improved design for easier and faster use, ON/OFF overtake mode, VALET and ANTI-SLIP modes and a more advanced LCD that also shows your throttle position.

  • Simple DIY Plug & Play Installation
  • Auto IQ Learns your Driving and applies to select the best setting
  • Anti-Theft Pedal Lock
  • User-Friendly Adjustments
  • 9 Modes and 40 Drive Settings
  • Full Certification
  • 30 Day 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or your Money Back
  • Lifetime Product Replacement Warranty

The XS has a clever PCB module which updates the points of reference for a vehicles throttle mapping. Throttle Lag is added by manufacturers for a number of reasons including fuel economy. The HIKE IT XS maintains the standard parameters of your vehicle; however, introduces a sharper throttle curve (or smoother when in 4x4 Eco mode) and reduces the "dead zone" in your cars accelerator pedal.

Auto IQ Selection Mode:
Set & Forget Mode

HIKE IT's Auto IQ Control Mode lets the driver set and forget while the XS learns the driver's behaviour and selects the mode from the best of 40 mode settings based on the current driving situation. Generally, fly-by-wire pedal accelerator systems have two sensors that measure both how hard and far the pedal; the XS tweaks these for a more enjoyable, safer and fuel saving drive.


HIKE IT's Performance mode (with 10 level settings) is not for the 'Sunday driver'. HIKE IT setting 1 is classified as intense while setting 7-10 is like 'launch mode'. Touching the mode button while in any mode will activate 'Over-Take mode' that will instantly put the XS into HIKE IT Mode setting 10


HIKE IT's Cruise mode (with 10 level settings) is a toned-down version of the popular sport/tow mode which will give you more of a boost than your cars original setting. It's perfect for everyday driving that won't blow out your fuel bill and knock your socks off.


HIKE IT's Sport/Tow mode (with 10 level settings) is a fun way to get around without the adrenalin boost of HIKE IT mode. It's perfect when towing anything and will adjust perfectly to the application at hand. After Auto IQ Mode, Sport/Tow mode is the most favoured.


Economy Mode (E) Economy mode has 10 settings that reduce the response from the pedal which will improve fuel economy and with a dampened response it can be particularly handy in situations such as driving off road, towing, beach driving etc.

More modes than you can poke a stick at!


For max acceleration or beating every one off from the lights!

Select HI Mode
Sport/Tow (SP)

A fun way to get around without the boost of HIKE IT mode.

Select SP Mode
Cruise Mode (CO)

Suitable for the everyday driving and towing enthusiast.

Select CO Mode
Eco/4X4 Mode

Perfect for Offroad and Improving Fuel Efficiency.

Select EC Mode
Auto IQ Mode (AU)

Intelligently switches between 40 modes and takes your transmission into account.

Select AU Mode
Over-Take Mode (L)

Need instant power? Hit the L button to spring into the most responsive mode.

Game On!
Anti-Theft Mode

Entering the Anti-Theft function will lock the car's throttle and will not accelerate at idle until unlocked.

Original Mode (OFF)

Switch off the HIKE IT's influence of your vehicle and return the car to factory.

Select OFF Mode

The XS has More Modes

The XS Smart Pedal introduces an additional 2 driving modes over the competition with 40 driver levels.


Quality-Built Dual Chipset

The heart of the XS is the dual 32BIT Chipset sourced from industry experts which leaves it’s 16BIT competition in the dust.


Calculations as you Drive

In Auto IQ Mode the XS Smart Pedal will study the way you drive then select the mode and tune setting to suit your driving style and current driving situation.


Over Take Mode

While driving, if you have an urgent need to access your vehicles power instantly, just hit the L button to spring into HIKE IT Performance Mode 10.


Anti-Theft Mode

Entering the Anti-Theft function will lock the car's throttle and will not accelerate at idle until unlocked.


Auto Brightness Sensor

The XS has a clever Ambient Light Sensor that will adjust the LCD brightness automatically depending on the current light situation.


Valet Mode (V)

The Valet mode will make your accelerator response slower than Anti-Slip mode. This mode is useful when parking (or valet parking) your vehicle.


Anti-Slip Mode (A)

The Anti-Slip mode is less responsive to 4x4/Economy mode and is useful when driving in the rain or snow.


Advanced LCD Display

The XS display uses a light sensor to dim at night time and displays critical information including your selected mode, throttle position, transmission selection and mode level.

Improve Power without additional stress on your Vehicle, just better response!

The HIKE IT XS works just like the 'Sport' button found in many cars by cutting down the amount of pedal travel required to achieve 'Throttle Wide Open' which will allow you to access the engines full potential. The HIKE IT XS is pre-programmed with 9 adjustable mode maps which are finely tuned for your vehicle. Each function will alter the throttle signal in a different way which can be set depending on your preference.

Transmission Specific Settings

When gears are changed in both Auto and Manual Transmissions, there is always a slight delay in throttle response which can affect take off speed and general safety. The HIKE IT XS sits between the pedal and your car's ECU to intercept the signal and process it in order to quicken the response time. The XS has individual setting based on you car's transmission to tune the signal further while maintaining the original feel of an Auto or Manual Transmission.

Auto Brightness Adjustment

Built into the face of the HIKE IT XS is a clever Ambient Light Sensor which will adjust the brightness of the blue display light so you can see the settings perfectly in day light and you won't be blinded at night time.

Undetectable by your Car Dealership!

We understand the last thing you want to do is void your new car warranty. With the HIKE IT you don't need to wait for your warranty to finish before you can start customising it and improving it's driving performance.

Once removed, the HIKE IT won't leave a trace when removed while some other aftermarket tuners or programmers will add "red flags" on the ECU after installed. Rest assured that the HIKE IT is 100% UNTRACEABLE by dealerships. Before visiting your dealer for a service just unplug the HIKE IT and hide it out of sight. For repair work we recommend removing it just to be safe.



Introducing the most advanced Pedal Controller on the market. The HIKE IT XS is a simple yet effective throttle response modification system designed to improve your driving experience. Fitting between the accelerator pedal and the ECU (the cars brain), on modern 'drive-by-wire' vehicles, the HIKE IT Pedal Controller maximizes the signal to give the smoothest and most effective response while driving. Suited to both diesel and petrol vehicles the HIKE IT XS makes the vehicle more driveable in many ways including:


When overtaking it is essential to access all the engine's power as efficiently as possible. The enhanced throttle response from the XS improves that efficiency and therefore the speed and safety of an overtaking maneuver.
Driving Pleasure

A better throttle response from HIKE IT plays a major part in the overall driving experience as it gives the driver superior, customised control over the acceleration of their vehicle.
Coming out of a Corner

Prior to entering a corner, the vehicle's brakes are applied and power is reduced. When the accelerator is applied through that corner or after the corner, the vehicle needs to respond smoothly and quickly in order to maintain the correct road speed. A better throttle response improves the power delivery and helps the car accelerate from the corner more effectively.

Simple DIY Installation