HIKE IT OBX9 4" Dual OBD2 + GPS Dash Display System

Transform your vehicles dash into a customizable display and monitoring system. The OBX9 puts you in control - Monitor engine and vehicle performance, fuel economy, and instantly clear troublesome check engine lights, all with the easy-to-use OBX9 Dash Display System.

Engineered in Australia, the OBX9 has been engineered with over 10 OBD2 Protocols to make this a truly one size fits all diagnostic tool that can be transferred between OBD2 compliant vehicles and is compatible with 98% of vehicles.

The HIKE IT OBX9 features smarter software and an upgraded processor to provide accurate and real-time data on your OBD2 compliant vehicle.

The OBX9 features LED ambient lighting that changes colour with your driving speed. Blue indicates normal and the system will flash red if an alarm is activated (as set by the user).

You can even clear fault codes!

Please note, if fault codes continue to display, please visit the mechanic.

OBX9 Vehicle Compatibility:

As a general guide OBD2 compatible the years after 2005 of European car, after 2008 of others regions

The HIKE IT OBX9 is compatible with OBD2 vehicles (including some hybrid electric vehicles). This product is not suitable for vehicles with protocol JOBD and OBDI. The GPS function of the OBX9 will work with all vehicles in case your vehicle is not OBD2 compliant. If you aren't sure about car compatible, please confirm with us before purchasing.

Main Features:

The HIKE IT Dash Display is a clever system with an upgraded processor that has OBD2 and GPS to display critical information at eyesight including vehicle speed, fuel consumption, battery voltage, coolant temperature, current RPM, Driving time, Driving distance, Outside Temperature, Oil Temperature, Gear Temperature, Engine Load and more; as well as GPS related features including GPS Speed, Driving Direction (compass), longitude and altitude, GPS Time and more.

With compatible vehicles, the OBX9 will display:

Alarms for:

Easy-to-use and setup menu functions

The OBX9 settings are easy to set to your region including speed units (KPH or MPH) and turbo units (PSI or BAR)

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