Installation Guide

JK Gear and Gadgets hooked a bunch of us up with a discount code for the HIKE IT High Performance Controller. So I jumped right on it and ordered it last week!

Well, it came in this morning and I took about 20 minutes to install it. Went on a test drive around the block and WOW!! It was so fun I had to go around a few times hahaha! HUGE difference in pedal response, by far the best on the market right now! Never thought my Jeep with a 10.5″ lift and 37″ MT’s would move like a sports car but with the HIKE IT High Performance Controller it does now!

Anyway, here’s some install pics for those of you who will buy this.

Out of the box:

1) The HIKE IT instructions says if you start the Jeep, let it it sit for about 10-15 minutes. If you don’t let it sit, you may get a engine warning light when you unplug the accelerator pedal plug. I just let it sit for 30 minutes to be safe.

2) Remove panel under steering wheel – it pops right off:

3) Remove 2 10mm bolts and slide up and out that metal plate:

4) When you remove the metal plate you will see a box with two plugs at the bottom of it (not sure what this is) but carefully unplug it to view the accelerator plug behind it:

5) You will need to reach underneath and carefully unplug the accelerator plug from the pedal:

6) Add the HIKE IT throttle inline adapter with one end to the wiring harness and the other end to the accelerator pedal. *Make sure you hear the plugs click in!:

7) Connect the HIKE IT X9 to the throttle inline adapter cable and find a good place to mount the tuner, then use the cleaner to scrub it clean for a good adhesive:

I set mine to AUTO, but there are many other options to choose from. AUTO seems to work best for me because I do a lot of stop and go driving.

Now enjoy the amazing pedal response and DRIVE SAFE! 🙂

Before I end this I just have to mention Matt and Kaye over at HIKE IT. They were extremely helpful and the epitome of great customer service! Even though they were sold out they went above and beyond to make sure I got my package in record time. So if you have to deal with any of these guys directly, be cool and be patient, its worth the wait!

Credits: https://imallcrawl.wordpress.com/2019/04/14/hikeit-review-and-install/